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Sure, why not! We are located in one of the most beautiful states in the US! The Grand Canyon is gorgeous anytime of year! There are so many places to visit and explore here in this great state Arizona. We have Sedona, Sand Dunes, Flaggstaff, Lake Havasu, Lake Powell and so many other beautiful vacation spots. Let's not forget, Arizona is one of the Four Corners States, which means you are close to Colorado (Rocky Mountains) New Mexico, and Utah (Moab). Plus cool California is just west of us. Believe me, the adventures are endless; especially on your own schedule, with the comfort of an RV or Motorhome to drive it yourself. Let's explore Phoenix!

Why Rent an RV?

Even with today’s fuel prices, RV or Motorhome Rentals is still a more economical way for families to travel than staying in hotels and eating in restaurants. Kids and grand kids can play games, read a book, take a nap, watch movies on the TV/DVD, get a snack or use the bathroom anytime. You may be able to take your pet along too, since well-behaved pets are welcome in most campgrounds. Also if you already own an RV or Motorhome but have family and friends who don’t, RV or Motorhome Rentals is ideal for bringing them along to enjoy the leisurely RV or Motorhome lifestyle.
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10 Reasons that make an rv rentals much more unique!
  • Your Luggage arrives when you do
  • Sleep in your own beds
  • Flexible travel plans
  • A different view out your living room nightly
  • No lines for the rest room
  • No lines at the airport
  • Economical and cost effective
  • Snacks and meals literally on the go
  • Nap time can be anytime
  • Getting there is half the fun
RV or Motorhome Rentals lets you determine your daily vacation itinerary. Stop and stretch when you’re ready; enjoy drinks and snacks when you choose; use your own bathroom when public facilities are unavailable or unsanitary. If your vacation time is limited, renting an RV or Motorhome and flying to the pickup point is a great way to maximize your treasured time off. Hightened Path RV & Motorhome Rentals of Phoenix offers convenient pick-up and drop-off locations near Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, so it’s easy to fly to your pick-up point and get started on your RV or Motorhome adventure. We offer a selection of RV or Motorhome to accommodate virtually any size family or group.

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